Kudos to Clinical Research & Leadership Faculty, Students, Residents, and Fellows 

Congratulations to the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) faculty, students, and residents who received appointments, awards, and honors over the past month.

January 2019

From a distance. David Acevedo, senior financial analyst in the dean’s office, is telecommuting from Copenhagen starting this month. His wife, Janina, received a short-term job assignment in Europe, so Acevedo is temporarily moving his office, too. The couple are looking forward to exploring other European countries and cuisines on the weekends. Acevedo will return to his office in the Watergate in July.

Teamwork talk. Marisa Birkmeier and others conducted an educational session, “There is No ‘I’ in Team: Pediatric Clinical and Academic Partnerships Working Together for the Win,” at the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Conference in November 2018 in Chattanooga, Tenn. Also at the conference, Birkmeier and others presented a poster, “Excellence in Pediatric Physical Therapy Education: Identification of exemplar programs and study of exemplar case 1.” Birkmeier has been invited to participate in the research subgroup of the APTA Educational Leadership Partnership Clinical Education Strategy. Birkmeier is an assistant professor in HHFR.

Publishing and presenting. Reamer Bushardt teamed up with national nursing leader Barbara Todd at UPenn to author "Advanced Practice Providers: A Strategic Look at Professional Development and Workforce Innovation," a chapter in the Society of Critical Care Medicine's latest book, Integrating Advanced Practice Providers in the ICU. Bushardt also moderated and served as panelist for a recent three-day workshop at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. The event, "Strengthening the Connection Between Health Professions Education and Practice," assembled the national academies' Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education with global leaders from higher education, healthcare, health policy, and advocacy organizations. A forum report will publish in 2019.

Calling on Callier. Shawneequa Callier recently presented on the importance of diversity and inclusion in genomics research at the third annual symposium on the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Learning Health Systems at the University of Michigan. In addition, Callier co-convened a university seminar on genomics education last month. The seminar addressed direct-to-consumer genomic testing and its risks and benefits as well as patient and provider education related to genomics. She is an associate professor in CRL.

Cohn commitment. Rhea Cohn has been appointed to a five-year term on the national Ethics and Judicial Committee of the APTA. Cohn is an assistant professor in HHFR.

Kudos to Costello. Ellen Costello, an associate professor in the Department of Health, Human Function and Rehabilitation Sciences (HHFR) and director of the Physical Therapy (PT) Program, has received the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy Educator Award. The award celebrates her excellence in providing outstanding leadership in scholarship and teaching that supports best practices in acute care physical therapist education.

New designation. The CRL course “CTS 6285 Collaboration and Team Science in Practice Research” has received a service learning designation by the Honey Nashman Institute for Civil Engagement and Public Services for its focus on Community, Research, Professional Development, and Social Justice.

Learning and leadership. Marcia Firmani and Karen Wright completed the one-year GW SMHS Foundations of Leadership Program in December 2018. Firmani is an assistant professor and interim chair of the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences and Wright is an associate professor in the Department of PA Studies (PAS), director of the PA Program, and assistant dean of student life and academic support.

PT/PA publishing partners. Joyce Maring, Marianne Vail, Karen Wright, and Ellen Costello and coauthors published “Attitudes toward academic dishonesty in health profession students” in the December 2018 issue of Journal of Allied Health. Maring is associate professor and chair of HHFR and Costello is an associate professor in HHFR and director of the PT Program. Vail is an assistant professor in PAS while Wright is an associate professor in PAS, director of the PA Program, and assistant dean of student life and academic support.

Meritorious Maring. Joyce Maring was elected vice-chair of the physical therapy panel of the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. Maring is an associate professor and chair of HHFR.

Poster presentation. Whitney Millhouse and Kelly Carr had a poster, “Enhancing the virtual student experience,” accepted for the National Academic Advising Association Region 2 conference which takes place in March in Atlantic City, N.J. Millhouse is manager, enrollment and advising services in CRL, and Carr is assistant director of admissions and enrollment in CRL.

Author rights. Samar Nasser and a co-author have published a chapter, “Hypertension management in the elderly,” in Management of Hypertension; Current practice and the application of landmark trials. Nasser is adjunct associate professor in CRL.

Playmaker. Robert Turner’s book, Not for Long; the Life and Career of the NFL Athlete, was featured in a roundup on “Great Books on Football” from the Washington Post. Turner is assistant professor in CRL.

Celebrating colleagues. The following colleagues are celebrating five years with HS: Steph Rasgus, Mike Steele, and Linda Zanin. Marking one-year anniversaries are: Keith Cole, Cliff Cymrot, Maura Polansky, Robert Turner, and Phillip Van der Wees. Rasgus is program manager, quality and innovation in the dean’s office; Steele is operations director in HHFR; Zanin is director of strategic partnerships for HS; Cole is assistant professor in HHFR, Cymrot is assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science; Polansky is associate professor and chair of PAS; Turner is assistant professor in CRL; and Van der Wees is adjunct professor in CRL.