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Ending the week with a tribute to this delish pizza I made last night with some friends 😍 I know med school is stressful so I just wanted to also end the week by saying that I’m inspired by all the other students that I meet - both other MS1s and older students finishing preclinicals and doing rotations! It’s so amazing what everyone can accomplish. And I’m so glad we’re all in this together!!💪 Instead of the morning run I had planned, I started this morning with a walk and a phone call with a friend. It reminded me of the importance of being flexible and open-minded about what wellness is! My routine self care is running, but slowing down the pace and talking with an old friend is sometimes what you need instead☺️ feeling refreshed and ready for the day now! Ready for the GW SMHS ultimate frisbee team! ...just kidding, I’m still learning how to catch😅 Even though frisbee isn’t my forte, it’s such a fun study break with friends! Post-run breakfast! I added some intervals at ~7:30/mile pace into my run this morning and I thought about all the people who just ran the whole NYC marathon at that pace or faster! The whole dang thing!!! I’m so inspired by all the marathoners out there 💪 today I’m having plain Greek yogurt, almonds, homemade granola, and some homemade peach jam. My family recipe for granola is below! It’s easy and fun to make😍
6-7 cups oats (used regular rolled and not quick oats for more oat bran)
1 cup each of any combo of: nuts, coconut, wheat germ, bran, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, apricots, dried fruit, whatever!
1 cup honey (mix w/ 1/4 cup hot water to help mix/pour)
1/2 cup oil
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Some vanilla or almond extract if you want to be fancy
-> mix all dry ingredients. Put in large pan (2 13x9s for full recipe). Mix wet ingredients and pour into pan. Mix well. (Can add more water here if needed). Press down into pan w/ wooden spoon. Bake at 350 for 15 min, stir, bake another 15 mins. Voila! You can even freeze it! Hi everyone! My name is Cecilia (@_ceciliarossi) and I’m an MS1 excited to be signing on to take over this account for the week! My absolute favorite wellness activity is hiking - this is a picture from a beautiful fall hike last year. I haven’t gotten out of DC to go on a hike this fall but I’ve been going on walks and runs around my neighborhood and I’ve enjoyed watching the leaves change 🍂 I hope you all have been enjoying fall too! Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! While most of my workouts take place outside or at Lerner, I decided Halloween was a great excuse to ~treat~ myself to a real fitness class 👻🎃Solidcore is an awesome Pilates-based workout that always kills💀 and left me with some spooky shakes 🧟‍♂️

In the current health care environment, resident, fellow and faculty members are at increased risk for burnout and depression. Psychological, emotional, and physical well-being are critical in the development of the competent, caring, and resilient physician. Self-care is an important component of professionalism; it is also a skill that must be learned and nurtured in the context of other aspects of residency training.  This site offers resources available to our GW GME community.