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Pre-Employment Health Clearance

GWUH Employee Health Services Instructions

Welcome to your Resident/Fellowship at GWUH! We are excited and happy to assist with your Pre-Employment Health Assessment. Health Assessments will be completed on June 16th and June 17th. You have received the packet from the GW GME Office of materials to be completed before your health assessment. Below is important information to follow for the day of your onboarding.

  • The GW GME Office will reach out to you regarding the time of your pre-employment screening.
  • Please bring the following Completed Forms and Health Records
    • Acknowledgment of Receipt form
    • GWUH Pre-Employment Health Assessment Form
    • TB Screening History Form
    • Latex Sensitivity Form
    • Respirator Use Form
    • Hand Hygiene Policy and Demonstration Form
    • Immunization Records to include the following:
      • Proof of Positive Rubeola Titer
      • Proof of Positive Rubella titer
      • Proof of Positive Mumps titer
      • Varicella titer or proof of two varicella vaccines
      • Proof of Positive Hepatitis B titer
      • Tdap Vaccine within the last 10 years
      • Negative QuantiFeron Gold blood test for Tuberculosis