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Pre-Employment Health Clearance

GWUH Employee Health Services Instructions

Welcome to your Resident/Fellowship at GWUH! We are excited and happy to assist your Pre-Employment Health Assessment. The Health Assessment will be completed on the days of June 16th and June 17th. You have received the packet from GW GME Office of materials to be completed prior to your health assessment. Below is important information to follow for the day of your on-boarding.

  • The GW GME office, will reach out to you regarding time of your pre-employment screening.
  • Please bring the following Completed Forms and Health Records
    • Immunizations
    • Latex Sensitivity Form
    • TB Screening History Form
    • Documentation of a PPD in 1 year and a PPD in 30 days. If not completed, an Employee Health Provider will review with you next steps.
    • Health Assessment Questionnaire (Pages 1 & 2)
    • If PCP is available, have them complete Health Assessment Form. If a PCP is not available, an Employee Health Provider will be able to complete.
  • The Auditorium of GWUH will available for Residents/Fellows between the hours of 7:30am-4pm to complete
  • The following stations will be available to assist with pre-employment health screening process and ensure compliance with social distancing.
  •   Welcome,  Registration & Review of Completed Documentation
  • Review of Immunizations
  • Blood Pressure, Color Blind Test
  • Assessment by PA
  • Pre-Employment Lab Work