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Tiger Text FAQ

How do I sign up for TT?
Download the Tiger Text app. Your username is your GWUH user name followed by (Eg. The password is the same that you use for hospital access.

TT is killing my battery, what do I do if my battery runs out?
IT department stated they will be rolling out charging stations around the hospital (starting with attending lounge and ER). There is consideration to supply battery packs. 

TT is using all of my data.
TT taskforce recommends using GW Wireless internet while in house. If you are reaching a data cap due to TT, please contact the Resident Committee (

What if my phone breaks and I need TT in the hospital?
Promptly call x4955 and they will be able to provide you with an iPod installed with tiger text. You can also access TigerText via the web by going to

Is there any way that GW helps pay my cell phone bill? 
YES! Verizon, AT&T and Sprint (not T-mobile) offers up to a 20% discount as long as you mention that you are a GW Hospital employee. Already have a mobile plan with one of our three providers? Its is never too late to say "I'm from GW" to get the GW discount on your plan.