Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award

Innovation Is Its Own Reward

Has your hospital pioneered a new triage protocol?

Has your hospital implemented a new process to significantly lower your left-without-being-seen rate?

Does your emergency department have an innovative approach to patient safety?

Perhaps you could be the next winner of the 2014 Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award!

As health care continues its rapid evolution, it’s never been more important to deploy innovative, team-based approaches that deliver excellence in medical care, excellence in service, and sustainable efficiencies for EM practices.  Accordingly, the leadership at Urgent Matters, Blue Jay Consulting and the Schumacher Group want to support innovation in emergency departments nationwide. 

The Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award provides an opportunity for multidisciplinary teams to be acknowledged for their outstanding contributions and also provides a potential platform for disseminating effective solutions to common issues facing the emergency care community.

Sustaining, promoting, and improving quality in emergency care requires a team from across departments, the hospital, and community. Submitted innovations should fit into at least one of the following categories: safety and quality, flow and efficiency, care coordination, patient experience, and cost consciousness.  To be eligible for consideration, the innovation must include a measurable assessment of the effectiveness of the intervention. 

One winning team will be selected. One member of that winning team will receive the honor of presenting their innovation at the 2014 Urgent Matters Conference, Innovations in Patient Safety, to be held at the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly in Chicago, Illinois. 

Also included:

• Complimentary registration to the Urgent Matters Conference

• Opportunity to meet with Blue Jay Consulting and Schumacher Group leadership to assess the possibility of deploying the innovation on a larger scale

• Airfare and one night hotel stay for the team representative.  

In addition, the winner will present their innovation in an online webinar presentation sponsored by Urgent Matters and have their work featured on the Urgent Mattes website and eNewsletter.  


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