Partnering with communities to educate the District of Columbia's next generation of clinicians to provide compassionate and high-quality health care for all.


Curriculum Development: 

Catalyze the integration of innovative, community-based, experiential health equity/Social Determinates of Health (SDOH) curriculum for all health care-related learners in training and practice at GW.

Workforce Development:

Catalyze the growth of a healthcare workforce equipped to address health equity in Washington DC by promoting interest and opportunities to pursue healthcare careers early in the ‘pipeline’, particular minority youth and youth living in medically underserved neighborhoods.


Advocate for local, regional/national adoption and expansion of policies and programs aimed at improving and expanding health equity education of healthcare providers, specifically through integration of SDOH into health care provider training requirements.

Integrated Community Based Health Equity Research, Evaluation and Learning:  

Stimulate interdisciplinary Community Health Quality Improvement programs that engage students to provide experiential learning opportunities while generating and disseminating best practices to eliminate health disparities.

Communication and Upscaling:

Collaborate with GW SMHS and GW and other universities to implement the program developed by the Rodham Institute.