Track Program

The Track Program is an educational program designed to enrich students' experiences and opportunities, and expose them to various concentrations of study. GW SMHS believes this program will further students' medical careers by providing a broader healthcare perspective and exposure to leadership opportunities.

Students have the opportunity to choose a program of study in one of several areas of healthcare outside of the standard clinical curriculum. The areas of study within the Track Program:

Track Program Requirements

Lecture Series

Students are required to attend the majority of the lecture/workshop series within their Track area during their first and second years of medical school. With a couple of exceptions, lectures take place once a month for a total of approximately fourteen lectures over two years.

Summer Opportunity

Students participating in the Track Program are required to participate in an experiential opportunity related to their Track of study in the summer after their first year of medical school. The program needs to be a minimum of 8 weeks in length during the summer. Exceptions are reviewed on a case by case basis (i.e. military commitment).

Practice of Medicine (POM) Scholarly Project

All medical students are required to begin a POM scholarly project during their third year and complete the project during their fourth year. The purpose of the project is to allow students to further investigate issues in medicine and health.  For Track participants, this project must be related to their track of study.

Fourth Year Elective

Finally, the Track participants must complete a 4-6 week elective in their fourth year related to their chosen track.