Thriving After Cancer (TAC)

The GW Cancer Institute/GW Medical Faculty Associates Thriving After Cancer (TAC) clinics specialize in follow- up care for survivors who have completed active treatment for cancer. For adult survivors of pediatric cancer, TAC provides care in an appropriate adult setting. The TAC clinic also provides comprehensive services to survivors of adult onset cancers. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach and coordinating care with your primary care provider, we offer the best possible care to address your health risks and late effects of treatment throughout your lifetime.

What to Expect at Your Visit

  • A consultation with a nurse practitioner, who reviews the survivor's cancer treatment history, gives him/her a written survivorship care plan (which includes a treatment summary, plan for follow-up care, and health promotion information) and talks with the patient about the survivorship care plan and his/her ongoing needs
  • An appointment with an internist, who conducts a physical examination of the patient, talks with him/her about health promotion, and provides referrals for sub-specialists and for tests
  • An appointment with a dietitian, who assesses the patient's diet and provides a customized nutrition plan
  • Referrals to outside specialists as needed


Most insurance plans consider this a necessary visit for individuals who have had treatment for cancer that is likely to have an impact on health. Please contact your insurance company directly if you have questions regarding coverage of your TAC visit.

Additional Program Components

The Thriving after Cancer program includes additional components that survivors are encouraged to take advantage of, if applicable.

  • TACfit offers a comprehensive fitness assessment and a customized exercise plan based on individual fitness level and goals, in partnership with the GW SPHHS Department of Exercise Science.
  • Survivorship Psychiatric Services supports survivors who may experience anxiety or distress during or after cancer treatment. Patients have access to individual and group therapy as well as medication management. For more information or to make an appointment, call (202) 741-2888.
  • A social skills workshop for adult survivors of pediatric brain cancer, is provided in partnership with the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation.
  • Comprehensive survivorship patient navigation services are available for all TAC patients, which includes assistance obtaining or using health insurance, help with financial assistance, and information about community resources.
  • A legal program, GW Cancer Pro Bono Legal Project, provides free legal counseling related to advance directives, employment, insurance coverage, wills, and disability insurance in partnership with the GW Law School.
  • Seminars on topics like intimacy, exercise, and nutrition are offered.

Two Thriving After Cancer programs are currently accepting participants:

Adult Survivors of Pediatric Cancer

  • Adult Survivors of Pediatric Cancers, managed in partnership with the Children's National Health System and the GW Medical Faculty Associates.


In order to be eligible for clinic services you must be at least 18 years of age and have been off therapy for at least 2 years.


For information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Kate Shafer at (202) 476-2510 or

Survivors of Adult-Onset Cancers

Survivors of adult-onset cancers are managed in partnership with the GW Medical Faculty Associates oncology and internal medicine departments. For information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Elizabeth Hatcher at (202) 994-2215 or

The TAC clinic is located at the Medical Faculty Associates building:
2150 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
22nd and I St NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20037