Clinical Research Administration

Welcome to the Clinical Research Administration program. We know that working adult students need classes with a flexible schedule to balance their professional, personal, and educational responsibilities. In order to meet this need, all courses are conducted online and offered in a flexible, asynchronous format. This setup provides a convenient option for self-disciplined and self-directed students to pursue the program and prepare for professional advancement while continuing their professional and personal commitments.

A Collaborative Education

"I [previously] choose online [courses] because of my busy schedule - Being in [GW's] online program is nothing new to me.  What was new and extremely refreshing was how involved the [GW CRA] instructors are.

Dealing in the extreme amount of regulations and history behind clinical research can be overwhelming. I showed [my work colleague] how each of my instructors will read everyone's post and comment, sometimes in great length, so that we have a complete understanding of what they are teaching.  My work colleague was amazed at the involvement and extremely impressed."
Laura Garvey, B.S.H.S. '16 candidate

"I have really enjoyed this course [CRA 6203]. I discussed some of the topics with my colleagues and the director of radiology. We will be implementing and restructuring the method we conduct clinical trials from the insight I have brought from this class. So thank you for teaching a class that has direct applicability to what I do and making me a better employee and our department more thorough!!"
Tamieka Lauz, M.S.H.S. '14 candidate

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