Clinical Management & Leadership

The Clinical Management and Leadership programs have been preparing managers and leaders in health sciences disciplines for more than over a decade. In this era of rapid change and advancing technologies, The George Washington University is proud to offer our program online.

The programs provide an exciting and dynamic way for busy professionals to use their homes or offices as virtual classrooms to advance their knowledge, skills, and careers without ever setting foot on campus. All courses are based on online and offered in a flexible, asynchronous format to meet the needs of working professionals.

A Collaborative Education

"This was my first online course, and I was pleased with the effectiveness of online learning. In all of my undergrad and other graduate work, never have I had the opportunity to learn so much from others. The Discussion Board exchanges were enjoyable and enlightening, and seeing each team's work products was outstanding. Seeing how other teams approached the same topics and questions was fascinating. I would submit our work and think we did a good job, and then see the work of others and think of things we hadn't considered or think of ways we could have presented it better. I loved that, and look forward to more of that in the courses ahead!"
CML Student, Summer 2012