MS in Bioinformatics Track

The Bioinformatics Track is one of the first in the United States devoted exclusively to teaching important genome-wide approaches to medicine and biology. Our program focuses on the areas of genomics, proteomics, analytical bioinformatics, statistics, systems biology, pharmaceutical oncology, algorithm development and Next-Generation sequencing data analysis and annotation.

Our program design provides flexibility for working professionals (classes are held in the evenings) and options to choose between thesis and non-thesis tracks and between a 1-year and a 2-year program.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Scholarships and other financial aid available.

Coursework and project emphasis

  • genomics/proteomics
  • phylogenetics
  • biostatistics
  • genomic variation and disease
  • translational bioinformatics
  • databases and data analysis
  • algorithm development
  • computational tool development
  • cloud computing